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Dead End
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Dead End
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Character Information
   Character Name: Dead End
   Character Canon: Transformers Prime
   Age: Average adult Cybertronian age of ageness. Nowhere near some of the older bots, but certainly not young. He's like that middle child that no one has time for.
   Race: Cybertronian.
   Timeline/Pull Point: In order to make some sense of things; end of Toxicity (episode 41). Although he's not in the show all the events up to that episode would have passed. The most important thing to note is this would be long after he's been infected by Dark Energon.

       [Dead End Wiki Page]

During the earlier days of the war, Dead End was a talkative normal mech, a mercenary of the Decepticons. He was always odd - personality wise - but it wasn't until later on that he became as he is now; crazy. Or at least not as sane as he once was.

The Decepticon pushes to win the war lead Dead End off planet, where unfortunately for him, his target location possessed a chunk of Dark Energon. After contacting the main force on Earth, he was informed of what it was and to make sure it stayed in the hands of Decepticons, by delivering it to a specific location. It was this prolonged exposure to the Dark Energon's radiation that corrupted Dead End, twisting what he was.

By the time Dead End arrived at the drop off location he'd changed significantly, possessing an unstable hunger; one that normal energon could not fill. This new hunger for power cores and his sudden enjoyment from finding the darkest places to hide (and stare at people with glowing green optics), have caused fellow Decepticons to not want to be around him.


Before the war Dead End wasn't anyone special (really he's not anyone special at any point in time), he was simply hired help doing a job that just about any bot could do. A simple job, watch a radar and if anything out of the norm happens direct someone to check it out. A job he was quite good at, being able to swiftly give out directions to whatever location needed checking. However, back then Dead End liked to talk. A lot. Not quite something you want from someone working that kind of job. Combine that with the fact that he led a few too many people into dead ends for the fun of it and you get a bot that built up a name for himself. Oh. And a bot that got himself booted out of the job.

So what's the next best step for a bot like Dead End? Why getting a job in a bar of course! A job where he can talk to his spark's content and not, usually, get in trouble for it. And it was there he stayed until the war came around.

Once the war started up everything changed, normal jobs weren't really a smart choice anymore, not when things were blowing up around you. You either fought or got killed, purposefully or just caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. And what's a bot to do in a time like that? Why join up with a small group of other bots and become a mercenary of course! It's a better career choice, or at least living is more likely. Just as Dead End's choice to eventually join the Decepticons was more of a career choice than the ideals behind it. Not to say that he didn't agree with the 'Con ideals, as he did agree with some.

Once branded as a 'Con, Dead End and the group he'd joined up with formed a small team (five members total), being sent out on odd jobs; item retrievals, taking out certain Autobot or neutral parties getting in Megatron's way, even scouting and acting as distractions. Whatever Megatron told him to do he did.

Despite being part of a small team, it wasn't uncommon for him or the other members to do things or even missions on their own. Even split up for extended periods of time. Missions occasionally called for particular skills or they just weren't getting along well enough to function as a team. And as long as the job gets done there wasn't any real trouble from superiors. It was a moment such as this that had Dead End go off on his own - and then later discover the Dark Energon.

Moving ahead, once Dead End had been affected by the Dark Energon it wasn't long before his new hunger became clear. Refueling on regular energon hadn't proved to be enough for him, and he found an odd allure from one of the mooks at the drop off. Next thing you know he's killed the guy, torn out his power core, and gone into the shadows to have it as a proper meal. But this kind of thing doesn't go over well with other bots.

And so the remaining Decepticons at the drop off kicked him out, forcing him to go off and find his team... And more food along the way.

Dead End was once quite the talkative mech, albeit rather odd. He'd been known to say some of the strangest, creepiest things at random, just to creep people out. And why not, it's entertaining. And when he wasn't creeping people out for fun? He was just chatting about anything.

All of that changed when the Dark Energon affected him, turning him from a chatty mech to a brooding lump of metal. It's rare that he speaks these days, and when he does it's usually not a lot, or just to say something negative or depressing. Majority of the time he speaks is to mumble about power cores, but that isn't to say it's impossible to get him talking, simply that he's unlikely to be talkative on his own.

Dead End was never the most positive of mechs, believing from the start of the war that it didn't matter which side won, they'd all end up dead eventually. The excessive brooding from after his change has only made things worse and he's become intent with keeping himself looking perfect, or as perfect as he can make himself. No dents or chipped paint, and the least amount of scratches he can manage, but not for the reason one might think. Knowing death is unavoidable in the end, Dead End would like to at least leave a pretty corpse behind when he goes.

Despite his constant talk of death, he would very much like to prolong his own as much as possible, and he's willing to fight for it. As a mercenary getting him to fight beforehand was simple, it's what he was hired to do. Since the change motivating him to fight is a little harder. He'll protect himself if attacked, but he's not so willing to just go out and pick fights anymore. And yet even with that change he's still as courageous as he was before Dark Energon. He's fearless in battle and he'll finish the job, not run from a fight... As long as he's actually fighting.

Dead End isn't the kind of bot to fight out of anger. While enough verbal abuse can be used to get him to fight, it's not guaranteed to work and he's not dumb enough to let rage put him into a bad situation. Even hunger doesn't goad him into picking fights; he'd rather wait and sneak up on an unsuspecting victim.

He's gained an attraction to the shadows, preferring to be in dark lit places, rather than out in the light. Light doesn't affect him negatively, it's simply become a personal preference of his.

As a Cybertronian, Dead End possesses the ability to transform into a vehicle form - his being a brightly coloured sports car, with tinted neon green windows. Aw yeah! It is in this form where one of Dead End's greatest abilities shines; his speed. Aside from how fearless he can be in battle, it's his speed that he's known for, which he can use to assist in leading enemies into dead ends.

He is an effective fighter with above average skill, however that doesn't mean that his skill cannot be matched or overpowered. It's merely above that of an average fighter (like greatly above that of a vehicon). Again it is his speed that can give him the advantage in fights, if he's willing to get into one.

Dead End's skills in combat are focused mostly around his two laser-swords, as he no longer enjoys using a gun, preferring to get up close and personal with his enemies. There's a higher chance of grabbing himself a power core that way.

Laser Swords. Dead End possesses two katana like swords, much like Wheeljack's yay redecos, however his blades are a bright glowing green matching his paint. Also because they are made from lasers. Basically Dead End has some weird katana-lightsaber babies as weapons. His double laser swords easily attach to his back by his wings, or if he's feeling like it stick out like tusks when he's in vehicle mode. They are apprently "useful for any combat situation" so it is likely that they are strong enough to block shots from guns, if Dead End is skilled enough to do so.

   Starting Polarity: Prima... By which I mean go forth and just random him into some poor soul's hands.

Writing Samples
   First Person Sample:
[Dead End's in a dark corner, making it so that only his optics - and mouth - can be seen. Nothing new there, since really, when is he ever not hiding in a dark corner.]

Scrap. Power cores. I need a power core. I'm starving, the fuel here isn't enough, it's never been enough. Without a war death shouldn't be so soon, but I've never been that lucky. Not a single Autobot I could pick off, not even a vehicon no one would miss.

[He seems to shift, optics dimming a bit.]

Unless someone wants to offer their power core... But I doubt it.

At least in the end I'll make a nice corpse.
[More Samples]

   Third Person Sample:
Optics onlined to an unfamiliar sky, unfamiliar ground, unfamiliar everything. None of the surroundings Dead End recognized, as he pushed himself up to his feet. Just a hunk of rock beneath him and a sky that didn't tell him at all where he was.

Or where his ship and team were.

Had he been dumped off on whatever this planet was? Thrown out like a piece of scrap, he should have seen it coming. Perhaps he'd stared at little too intently at his team members, perhaps his diet was starting to get to everyone. Death was inevitable, especially during a war, but he didn't think they'd strand him somewhere to starve. It's what you get when even your friends start to be creeped out by you.

He'd just wished that he'd been given more time to prepare for the end. Buff out some of those more recent scratches. Looked like he wouldn't leave the shiniest corpse behind. People would find his body and see what they'd missed out on, and they probably wouldn't care now. Not with the amount of scratches on him. It what he gets for going into recharge before buffing himself out. Now he wouldn't get the chance.

An uninspiring corpse on an dreary world, in the middle of nowhere. Sounded about right. Really telling himself he'd have a better end than that was just fooling himself. This was the kind of end to be expected when your name's Dead End.

Venting a sigh, the Decepticon pulled out a sword, marking a spot on the ground - best to know where he'd been.

Might as well explore the rock he'd die on.
[More Samples]

Final Notes:
Dead End is of course based off of his G1 counterpart, however his official bio has quite a bit inspired from Bayverse as well. Because of this I've used bits and pieces from both of those versions of Dead End to help flesh out this Prime version.

Also worth mentioning: from the way his bio is worded, Dead End's hunger for power cores does not sound as though they are necessary for his survival, and are merely something he craves. Pretty much like he's addicted to eating power cores. His body doesn't feel as though normal energon is filling enough so he goes for something with a lot more power behind it. He would be capable of surviving on normal energon - not that he'd want to - but he wouldn't feel as energized, getting hungry much faster, and he would likely tire faster than if he were on a diet of power cores.
Would like him to return with all his memories intact.